Benefits of an Accountability partner?

Accountability partners are like our business besties; right there making sure that we stay on track with our goals and that we do exactly what we say we are going to do and more. Let us help connect you with your accountability partner today. By completing the form below we will connect you and another dream chasing woman so that you two can start your journey together. Accountability partner pairing is bi-monthly for now. Our next pairing happens on October 1st, so be sure submit your form by September 25th.


Get Unstuck

Get back focused! Being able to bounce ideas of off another like-minded woman can help you get past that rough creative block you’re going through.



When you share your goals with someone you are more likely to get to work and achieve them. That’s exactly what your AP is for! To keep you accountable!



Everyone who has a good accountability partner knows that friendship becomes the core of your relationship. They are your cheerleader and they keep you in check.

Find Your Accountability Partner

Complete the form below to be connected with your accountability partner. Accountability Partner match ups will end on October 28th. Pairings will be announced on October 4st!

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