Why Date Night Is So Important

My boyfriend and I have been together since 2016 and I think we are the GOATs of date night. We work during opposite times of the day so finding actual time to spend together when the other is not sleeping or working is hard, but we make it work. However, there was a point where we fell into such a mundane routine that we neglected our commitment to creating opportunities to spend quality time and we were always too “tired” or “busy” for date night. Our whole entire vibe was completely off. We didn’t even ask each other how our days were. We argued a lot more about petty topics and we were not making our relationship the priority. We were losing our strong sense of friendship.

Friendship is a critical part of any committed relationship. It makes it easier to have open and honest communication and makes you feel a lot more secure in your person. It also adds to the emotional connectedness of a relationship and brings in some much added depth to the union. Date night makes us best friends. We will hop on a Bolt scooter or play a pickup game of basketball and end our evening with wine and dinner on the Beltline in Atlanta. We actually scour the internet streets for dope experiences to share with each other and we love it! Date nights nurture your friendship with your partner. They help you to learn new things about your partner and encourages you to be creative about the time you spend together. You are creating a unique and special space for one another and that makes you feel valued in a relationship.

Date nights reinforce the idea that “people will make time for what they care about”. Most of us fall into the idea that once we enter a relationship, eventually it will just be there will just be there in A1 healthy condition with no work or effort. Like it’s this thing we can start and stay in. In reality, relationships are work… hard work. It’s like a very important project in our lives that requires a lot of focus and attention. We get so excited to smash our fitness goals and our career goals but besides marriage, how many relationship goals do we actually set for our relationships? Make date night a goal, and achieve it every week or once a month. This is your chance to show your person how much you care.

There is no rule of thumb to date nights. No guide book or instruction manual. If you don’t make it to a date night, make time to spend quality, uninterrupted time with your partner and nurture your relationship. Catch up on the dramatics of ratchet TV, play a intensely competitive game of monopoly, try a new restaurant or have a night cap at that rooftop bar you’ve been wanting to try.

What are some ways you’ve spent date night or some ways you would like to spend your date night?